Tooth Extraction


Get Instant Relief from Tooth Pain

A tooth extraction is the permanent removal of a tooth from your mouth. There are several reasons we may suggest that you need to have an extraction:

  • your tooth is badly damaged or decayed and deemed as non-restorable
  • you have signs of advanced periodontal disease
  • your tooth is broken in a manner which makes tooth filling impossible
  • your tooth is not properly positioned such as impacted wisdom teeth
  • as a preparation for orthodontic treatment such as braces

Gentle Tooth Extractions at Tinley Park

A decayed tooth can be usually brought back into its original shape and form by procedures like tooth fillings and root canal treatments. Having a tooth extraction can be the last resort and is only opted if the damage to your tooth is beyond repair and cannot be restored.

Your trusted Tinley Park dentists, may sometimes recommend an alternative treatment to a tooth extraction while examining your teeth and mouth. We will discuss the possible options along with tooth extraction with you to come up with the best solution for your particular case.

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