Teeth Whitening Tinley Park, IL

Have Sparkling, More Confident Smiles

kor_logoTeeth whitening or bleaching is a way to lighten teeth without bonding material to the teeth, or removing any sound tooth structure. In this respect, it’s one of the most conservative cosmetic procedures we have. Our office uses a combination of in-office, at home whitening, and monthly “touch-ups” to achieve visible and lasting results.

Our Tinley Park office is unique in that we offer the cutting edge KoR Whitening system. In the past we’ve been reluctant to offer whitening to patients because of the inconsistency of the results, but with the switch to the new KoR Whitening system, we not only confidently offer teeth whitening to our patients, we also guarantee results.

Tooth whitening works through the action of a Hydrogen Peroxide gel. The gel penetrates deep into the tooth breaking down stain particles and whitening the tooth from the inside out. The most effective method of  whitening involves a combination of at-home and in-office procedures.

Teeth Whitening in Tinley Park

patient_take_home_kitAt your first visit we’ll take a mold or impression of your teeth. We then fabricate custom whitening trays and provide you with whitening gel to use at home. You wear these trays at night while you sleep. After 14 days of at home whitening, the results are amazing!

You then come in for a one hour in-office whitening with an even more potent material, this treatment enhances your results even further and serves to “lock in” the results you’ve already achieved.

After that it’s all about maintenance. We consider this system to be a true “permanent” teeth whitening system. You will continue to whiten at home once a month for as long you like. This ensures that you can continue have drinks like coffee, tea or red wine without the fear of staining your new bright smile.

The teeth whitening results speak for themselves.