CT Scan & Guided Surgery

Implant Surgery

CT ScanNow that we have moved to our new location, our office has acquired a digital cone beam CT scanner. This unit allows us to see the jaw bone in 3D, taking all the guesswork out of implant surgery.

After a patient has had images taken with the 3D scanner, we convert those images into a digital treatment plan. Our Trusted Tinley Park dentists then use advanced software to virtually plan the implant case. That plan is then uploaded to a lab that fabricates a surgical stent that will guide the doctor at the time of surgery.

This process allows for the placement of an implant without the use of a scalpel(in most cases). The entire process which would normally take about 60-90 minutes, is reduced to about 30-45 minutes thanks to the accuracy of the technology. There is no need for sedation, and the patient leaves the office after a process that is virtually bloodless.

Implant systems differ. But for the right candidate, all offer a more functional alternative to removable dentures. And for patients with missing teeth, implants are like having the real thing again.

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